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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Release is Here!!!

Spring Release is Here!
Well BigGirlz the season of spring release has arrived.  With the exception of a few lingering days of frigid temperatures, the physical signs of spring are slowly starting to peek their heads thru the dreary cloudy days. I saw my first daffodil in full bloom today reassuring me that now is the time of “RELEASE”!
Now whether you are the Releaser(previously referred to as the Clinger) or the Releasee it’s time to pull up those BigGirl panties and deal with the inevitable.
Let’s start with the Releasee.
Now you were warned months ago what to expect during this rite of passage, surely you didn’t ignore the signs and fall for this finely orchestrated charade?  Come on…really? If you fell prey to this madness, just discreetly raise your pinkie and tip out of the room. Now go to a quiet and secluded place and promptly proceed to slap the shit out of yourself for being so STUPID! You were given a step by step, play by play outline.  Come on, five more slaps should do the trick (lol). Now that you’ve gotten that out of the way, GET OVER IT!
I realize how easy it is to fall into the “maybe this is the one” trap. Loneliness, cold weather and a few stiff drinks can wreak havoc on our ability to think rationally.  BigGirlz you’ve got to stop leading with your heart. I’m not saying close yourself off to the possibility of love but learn to recognize and listen to that tiny little voice of reason no matter how painful or uncomfortable it may be. Do you really want to go through this same shit again next year? Only you can make that decision.
On to Mz Releaser(or Clinger if you prefer)
My my my what have we done (yes I’m snickering)? If you find yourself in this position, be careful (yeah, I’m still snickering) men can be just as crazy as women when it comes to matters of the heart.
At this stage of the game, you should have completed all phases of the Release plan. (If you need a refresher, go back to the post dated October 1st 2012.) Remember you’ve both decided to “give each other some space” (whatever) and you’ve moved on to “Done Deal”! DO NOT LOOK BACK! Spare him and yourself the potential awkward moments or homicide! Keep moving forward.
Spring has arrived time to dust off the swag you stored away for the winter and get re-acquainted. Begin testing the waters. Start practising on folks, but tread lightly. You don't want to pick up something or someone too soon. Remember you have the entire summer ahead of you.
Side note, for all of you that have what I like to refer to as “dead wood” laying around in your life, it’s time to set that crap out on the curb for trash pickup as well. You know you’re bored and you only keep them around “just in case”. Let that mess go. It’s time to make room for a fresh crop of possibilities. Life is too short to settle for “Mr. or Ms (if that’s your preference) Something To Do”. I’m not saying stay to yourself and be bored oh Hell No! I’m saying keep them in perspective. Sure they help pass the time but they can cause you to miss out on what your really looking for or better yet, what's looking for you; so stay focused and keep your eyes open.
Time to clean house. I'm guilty of the "just in case" factor. As a matter of fact, I just set my first load out. 
That's why I'm moving on to the next one, cleaning as I go…making room to bloom baby!!!!