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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

V-Day is Coming!!!!!

Well BigGirlz,

We made it past the pit falls of being single during Christmas and New Year's Eve. YEAH! Hopefully the scars were minor and you were able to slap on a band-aid and keep it moving. For those who are still feeling wounded and are barely limping along, I strongly suggest you go into hiding now cause the day of "Love" is just around the corner. That's right Valen-"when is my time" Day is fast approaching. Yippee-Flippin-Yeah.


Now many of you will go into the stage of denial by proudly boasting "Oh that crap doesn't bother me" or "I can buy my own damn candy", and my favorite, "I'll just send myself flowers on that day". Shut the hell up!! I get sick of hearing that Bullshit because you miss the freaking point. Sure we can all buy or pamper or even treat ourselves on that day. Material crap is not the point and if you're at least a little bit honest with yourself you will admit that what you and most normal, living and breathing women (and men too) would like to have someone in your life to share your heart, mind and soul with in an honest and equal capacity. If you can sit there and honestly say "nope not me I'm good living, existing and functioning in this monogamist relationship with myself, then please take your cold clammy dead ass back to the hole from which you crawled and continue lying to yourself, because the rest of us are trying to create a mentally and physically inviting place and space that is conducive to giving and receiving love!!

Sorry for my slight rant BigGirlz...hahahahahaha but that crap annoys me just a bit.

Ok, where was I...

Oh yeah, the infamous day of love is upon us. So BigGirlz, I have a few suggestions that may help you cope with being single on V-day:

  • Hide - If it's all too much for you than just stay home. Stock your frig, order Netflix and stay in bed. By all means stay away from all forms of social media. I guarantee, someone will be posting some photos of the roses they received or even worst the ring they just accepted.
  • Clean your place - For some, cleaning is therapeutic (yeah, I pass on that one).  Instead of sulking, start the vacuum, load the washer, pull out the Windex and get the dried toothpaste spatter off the bathroom mirror. DO SOMETHING other than dwelling on what's missing from your love life. 
Now on to my favorite way to cope

  • Call your girls - That's right, call the crew. You supply the wine or beer, someone order pizza and/or wings and someone provide the place. Eat, drink and ignore the balloon and roses mania going on around you.
Bottom line BigGirlz, being single on V-day is not the end of the world. In order to get through it without spiraling to the pit, you have to want to survive. Conquering your thoughts is 80% of the battle and finding something to do with yourself is the remaining 20%(although I'm thinking 19% something to do and 1% wine). Life is to short to dwell on what's missing at the moment. Your time would be better served focusing on improving the inner you. If you work on the inner the outer will follow suit.

In the meantime, I'm moving on to the next one with a glass in one hand and all the fixins needed to create the ultimate chocolate martini lined up in front of the other. Now that's a box of chocolates I can appreciate!!!  Cheers!!