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Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Conversation “Are you a Benefit?”

So BigGirlz,

I encountered something that I as usual felt the need to share. Check out this conversation between a couple. Apparently the woman wanted her guy or who ever he was to detail her car.

Thus the conversation:

Him: “Damn, your car is dirty”
Her:  “So clean it or take it to the car wash”
Him: “Shit…I don’t get to drive it. Hell, I barely get to ride in the damn thing”
Her:  “Damn is it like that?”
Him: “I’m just saying, what I get out of cleaning your car…

Huh? Am I just old school but if you are considered my “man” should performing various tasks be an issue? So are you saying you will only do things for me if there is some sort of benefit for you? Am I missing something? Is a man only supposed to do things for you if he is your husband? WTF! Obviously I’ve gotten things all wrong in my head. Isn't that a part of Dating? No? Am I wrong for allowing a man that I’m dating, to cut my grass and take out my garbage? What’s the benefit to that…Me Damnit!!! Has dating become so watered down that men no longer have to put in or at least give a little extra effort just to be a part of your life? Have women become so ratchet and easy that anything and nothing is not only accepted but the standard?
I’m baffled and a little annoyed by this so you know I had to get so info/opinions from a couple of people right? The answers I received were as varied as their personalities.

So here is what I asked:  “If a woman you’re dating or at least attempting to date ask you to perform task like, take out the garbage, clean up her car or mow the grass, would you have a problem with it?”
The responses:
“Naw, I’m cool with it as long as I can see us being together”
“She ain't my wife, let her take care of her own shit”
“If I’m hitting it on a regular basis, then I might help if she ask?”
“Why not?”
“I might pay somebody to get the yard together, hell I don’t cut my own grass”
“If that’s my girl then, yeah I can do that”

Boy times have changed. I’m sorry, that is just freaking unacceptable. If my expectations are too high then so be it. We are supposed to be a couple. What is wrong with you adding my yard to your rotation of chores? If that’s too much for you to handle than I’m too much for you to handle.

BigGirlz, know your worth. Do I expect the world, Hell yeah! Why because I’m worth it. I’m not saying take advantage of his kindness but some things (like opening a door for you) should be  a given. Dating me is the benefit. Trust me if you do your part and I will definitely  do mine.
I’m moving on to the next one looking for the one who is a benefit for me!!