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Monday, September 19, 2011

Evaluating the date…

First of all are you still flirting and mingling? Don’t get caught up and forget rule number one just because you landed a date.  Flirt flirt flirt, it’s the only way to keep your skill up. 

Now let’s talk about your date. You survived…YEAH!! Now, think realistically about it. Remember, I’m trying to connect you to the dating world.  You need to become comfortable with dating as many people as possible.  Now for some, dating doesn’t take all of this reflection and evaluation. Those are the folks who have the whole dating thing down to a social science. In their eyes, dating is not a big deal; but for the socially challenged sometimes you have to do some grunt work on the front end in order to coast through this world.

Now let’s evaluate

There’s only one question you need to ask yourself:

“If given the opportunity, would I go out with this person again?”

Make a mental (ok, write it down) list of why or why not.

Do this even if it’s obvious you will never see this person again, remember this exercise is about your improvement.

It’s not always the big things that may have turned you on or off, it just as well could have been something small like:

  • He opened doors
  • He chews with his mouth open
  • He smelled great or musty
  • He wore cheap shoes
  • He wore a throw back jersey and yes he's over 35
  • He seemed comfortable

The big things can be obvious deal breakers but it’s those little things that can annoy you to the point that you wonder “what the hell was I thinking?”
So formulate that list, learn what you like and prepare yourself for the next date.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"What have I just agreed to..."

Wow you did it; you've connected with Mr. Potential Date.  "Oh Hell!"
First and foremost, remember it's a date.  This is the time when your agent meets his agent.  Rarely do people show their true selves on a first date.  Both sides are trying to be cordial in an attempt to score cool points for the home team.  It's the nature of the beast.  My advice, just be open. Not everyone was raised by your mother so give some consideration to differences in thought and opinion.

A couple of Do's and Don'ts

Do keep the conversation and mood light.
Don't go to deep into your sorted or sad past. You don't want to run him away with your horror stories.
Don't size him up for a wedding I really need to explain why?
Do dress to fit the message you want to convey.

Now let me pause here for just a second.  If you want him to know that you plan to "freak" him before you part ways, than show whatever it is you think you need to in order to accomplish this feat but don't dress like Susie Slut but act as if your Mary Poppins. Sending mix signals is never a good idea. If your not sure of your intention then wear something that can easily be converted from "maybe" to "oh yeah" by merely popping a couple of buttons, flipping a faulty zipper or rolling the top of a waist band. (Trust me on that one).

Don't over indulge in alcohol. I understand the need for liquid courage, however you don't want to use that as an excuse for doing something you may regret.  (yeah yeah I sound like someones mother, but you know what I mean.) Moderation is the key.  Be a drunkard later. There is nothing sexy about an drunk ass woman. You may think you have it together but don't. 
I could list a million of these so I will wind it up with just one more.  
Do listen to your inner voice. If something is nudging at you or doesn't feel right, get the hell out of there. Some things just aren't worth it!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I've score a phone number, so now what?

Ok so you’ve made eye contact, flirted and scored his phone number, now what? Well let’s see, this can unfold in a couple of ways.

Let’s start with “did he ask for your number first?” If so, give him an opportunity to call you.  If he’s interested, he’ll call. Now all of you modern day “why wait, I can call him” type women, slow down. Yes I realize times have changed and it’s perfectly fashionable to make the 1st move, but if he made the initial move by asking for your number, let him make the next.  By no means should you wait idly by the phone, keep flirting and line up some additional contacts.  A call back does not guarantee a date and beside a date is not a contract for marriage, it’s a damn date.
Now if you asked for his number, first of all I’m proud of you big girl for stepping out there, don’t chicken out now. You have his number, now put on your big girl panties and call him.  If he doesn’t answer, leave a message! Don’t just hang up.  Personal peeve, it annoys the shit out of me when folks call 3 or 4 times but never leave a message. If it’s that damn pressing for you to call a zillion times than leave a flipping message. Ok, I’ll step down from my soapbox now. Any way, if you have not heard from him by the end of the day, try again tomorrow.  In the meantime keep flirting.  Practice develops comfort.  After the 2nd call and 2nd message, toss the number. Yep I said it. Delete it from your phone! Apparently he’s either changed his mind or something/someone more to his liking has come along.  You’ve left 2 messages, that is enough.  He knows you’re still interested and he knows how to contact you. This is not the time to turn into “Stacy Stalker” or “Desperate Dana”, move on. Don’t take it personal or even to heart. You didn’t even know this person so don’t obsess let it go.

Friday, September 9, 2011

For all you phat haters, this is not for you; but if you enjoy voluptuous hips, thickness and saucy curves, keep reading.  I'm a big girl, have been all my life so when I hear thick women complain (thin chicks you're on your own) about not being able to date or not getting any attention from the opposite sex I have to wonder "what's really going on with you". There are a plethora of men out there who love us. Sure you have your assholes who always have smart shit to say, but those are the same insecure losers who will say or do anything to mask their own inadequacies.
Lets talk about my experiences.
I've just gotten out of a three and a half year relationship. It was good while it lasted but as many couples experience we grew apart. That's a topic for another day. My point even while in my relationship, men made advances.  I can honestly say while involved I never took them up on the offers, but appreciated the attention.  Now being single, I'm happy to say the attention still exist. So what is it? I believe it is a confidence.  I have a great love for myself not arrogant, just have accepted who I am and the skin I'm in.  I believe that makes the difference. Do I expect to turn the head of every  man who's path I cross, nope. Hell I don't want every man I see either. You like what you like.  I know I do.   
So how do you meet that potential date?
  • Smile, look him in the eye and say "Hello". Simplistic huh? Eye contact is a very powerful weapon and extremely difficult for so many people. 
  • Compliment, without getting too racy. Be sincere with it. Don't tell him he has a great smile and he has missing teeth. 
  • Go where the men are.  I love sports. True NFL fan. I go out to watch sports. Try it. Take some girl friends with you. You may even learn something
So don't let your size hold you back, get your flirt on. Only two things can happen the person will either like it or not.  If they like it, hey see where it goes and if they don't, on to the next one.  Hell, he was probably too thin anyway.  :-)