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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Does NOT Suck!!!!

Well BigGirlz Friday is Valentine's Day. The day of LOVE and couples, flowers and candy, broken hearts and loneliness; but it really doesn’t have to be. Why can’t this be a day of Service and helpfulness, smiles and laughter and my favorite, seafood and wine? (oh yeah!) Ya see BigGirlz, I have a different plan for my V day.
Now, I hesitated on writing or even commenting on this day because I’m good with Valentine’s Day but after hearing so many negative comments from various women throughout the week both bashing and dreading February 14th, I just couldn’t keep my fingers off the keyboard. First things first, big flippin deal it’s just another day! GET OVER YOURSELF! Ok now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I can be a little more civil. Yes, I get. Being single on that particular day can be a little painstaking, especially if you are tired of being alone and you would really like to have a special someone in your life. To top it off, you’re constantly seeing women you consider to be “ugly as hell” with men. (Sorry I couldn’t resist that one) hahahaha! Like I said, yep I get it. But for me the key to making peace with Cupid’s random ass is to fall in love with me.  Sounds corny but it works. When you’re focused on improving your relationship with you, there’s not a lot of room for pining over what could be with who knows what.
So, what’s my plan for the day of LOVE? Well I’m glad you asked. I’m spending my day with someone I love…me of course. Godiva for lunch and Shrimp Alfredo for dinner. YUM!!!!  I would love to go out to dinner but hell, V day is on a flippin Friday and all of the restaurants will be crowded so looks like I will be cooking my own, but I’m ok with that. If I stay in then I can drink as much wine as my little heart desires (wine is a must with your seafood).   That’s it chocolate, shrimp and a big ass glass or bottle of wine. Hey don't judge me. And yes I’m excited about it too.
My point, you have to decide to have a good Valentine’s Day. Like every other day you have the power to make it a positive or a negative experience. Just enjoy the day the BigGirlz.  Screw worrying about not be having someone to spend it. Stop worrying about the hideous girl in the cubicle next to you who will probably get two or three dozen roses while you’re sitting at your desk chasing the dust bunnies off your monitor. Don’t give in to your funky feelings. You can survive, remember, it’s just a day. Besides why ruin a perfectly good Friday by sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.
Get out, get moving and if all else fails, get plastered. Will it change your situation, why hell no but by the time you find the bottom of the bottle will it really matter?
I’m moving on to the next one anticipating a perfect evening with a perfect me…LOL!!!