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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

To Cuff or not to Cuff

To Cuff or not to Cuff…yep it’s still a question


I think we’ve dealt with this subject every year, so why should 2017 be any different. LOL The leaves have changed colors and are beginning to fall off the trees. The temps at night are dipping deep into the 40s and knocking on the door of the 30s. And now the thermostat battle has begun. Heat or no heat?

Well…Cuffing may or may not help with that decision. FYI we are in the peak of selection season so don’t drag your double-sock covered feet too long because the pickings get slim real quick! IJS

As I previously stated, we’ve hit this subject every year. In keeping with tradition, here’s to Cuffing Season AKA “Fall Cling”!!!

Now, if you’ve already made up your mind to rough it this winter, well, do you. Invest in a great electric blanket, purchase some flannel and you will survive. Trust me, been there done that! Yes I survived!!!

For those who want and plan to “Cuff”, let’s have a conversation. Ya see BigGirlz, in order to successfully navigate this Season of Cling, I strongly suggest you keep these few ideas in mind.

First and foremost, perform a mental stability check on yourself before you commit to cuffing. Why? Well, you need to be absolutely sure you can handle a seasonal/medicinal driven relationship. Remember this is TEMPORARY!!!! Do not go into this thing thinking this will be a good way to reel in that particular person you’ve been peeping all summer. NO!!!! Keep your feelings and emotions in check. Know that pillow talk can get real sexy and seductive however remember why that warm body is present. It’s not to say that time and texture can’t change this situation BUT stay the course. What could feel real may very well be a way to ensure the situation endures the full season. So again I say, a mental stability check is essential!

Second, be rejection ready. By that I mean just because you dance in the sheets (to keep warm of course) doesn’t mean there will be a public viewing of this partnership. You are are not his woman and he is not your man. You are classified as a Bed Warmer. That is all. Don’t get it twisted, men get sensitive too and have the ability to catch feelings. Be sure you both have clear and solid expectations before you start. If seeing him kicking it in public with another chic or his lack of open acknowledgement of you gets under your skin, it may be time to shut this process down. 

Third and what I feel is most important, an exit plan.
BigGirlz, you need both an emergency and end-of-season exit plan. Again, this is a temporary situation!!! Know how to end it if you start getting too attached. Also, if he shows signs of possession, have some balls and check that behavior immediately. Do Not; I repeat DO NOT let that shit ride. The end will become extremely messy if the lines are crossed. Keep in mind; he could be just shooting game to see how far and what can be gained from it all. Stay on your toes. Guard your heart. If at any point you decide this is too much for you, own your shit, tell him, “I can’t do this anymore”, cut your losses and go purchase that new blanket.

Bottom line BigGirlz, “The Cuffing Game” ain’t for everyone. Know your limitations and stay true to the mission.

I’m moving on to the next one. Warm body selected and blanket on standby…