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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Happiness Vs Joy


So about 2 years ago, my life changed dramatically, this BigGirl got hitched. Yup after dating a bunch of toads I actually kissed a Prince (that's funny as shit to me) but anywho it happened. The funny thing; that was NOT the goal. Ya see, BigGirlz after I crossed into the land of 40, really after 35, I took marriage off the table and was SOOO ok with that. I focused on me and all of the things that not only made me happy but brought me serious joy. And yes there is a difference between happiness and joy. For those who don’t know, Happiness is external and Joy comes from within. The events of life can steal your happiness but you control your Joy!!! That is a sermon for another day. In any case, Joy was the center and for the most part, if it didn’t foster Joy then it wasn’t welcomed. So the Joys of life was a priority for me. The short version of the story, I met a wonderful King, moved from my childhood home, (my only address with exception of college) and retired at 53 from a job that was beginning to suck the life out of my spirit. Pure Joy.  And as it goes,  

So what’s my point? Seek Joy BigGirlz. New shoes and dropping a few pounds will make you happy but true Joy is what will last. I’m moving on to the next one keeping joy as my focus every day.