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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year...What the F@%K ever!!!!

Happy New Year…What the Fuck ever!!!

Now BigGirlz hopefully you made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas and survived the barrage of questions relating to “singlehood” and all of its glory or dreadum. Now, the last hurdle is before us, New Year’s Eve…how freaking lovely!!!

Any given week can be a lonely or even downright depressing time when you’re single but add the numerous invitations to various New Year’s Eve parties and one could easily find themselves ready to lose it or better yet lock themselves away until January 2nd.  Although hiding may be a tempting solution, you’ll still remain in a lonely dark state wishing time would quickly pass; knowing time only passes quickly when you’re having fun or on a work break.
So how do you get through this…first you have to change your attitude?  Loneliness is a state of mind. Now I can easily direct you to the plethora of cliché ish events that are deemed fulfilling at this time of year. You know them: volunteer at a homeless shelter or nursing home. How about going to a children’s home or hospital and bring joy to the little ones…blah blah blah. All of that is wonderful, but really?
Realistically, we all can get pretty self-absorb and somewhat overwhelmed with handling our emotions this time of the year. So as I started above, you have to change your attitude. Being single on New Year’s Eve is NOT the end of the world although if the Mayans had been correct none of this would matter huh? Anyway if being single at New Year’s is the worst thing about your life than honey I need to trade places with you (I pass on that).

BigGirlz the choice you make this evening could very well set the tone for 2013.  How will you fill the void?

Now you can ALWAYS go to church. Of course I’m going to start with that first.  Pick a place pick a time. That’s a no brainer.

If you’re just not feeling the church thing (ok super saved saints this excerpt ends here for you) call some of the girls and have an impromptu DrinkFest. Everyone bring your favorite poison and drink until you don’t know what day it is or don’t give a damn. I say drink until you don’t give a damn.

If that’s not tugging at ya then (ok super saved, you REALLY need to shut it down for real) make that infamous phone call. You know the one. You really don’t like him but at least he knows how to “fill your void”.  Call him, who gives a shit. He will either say yes or no. If the answer is no then you might want to give the DrinkFest another chance.

In either case get the fuck over it. Its one damn night. We are on the cusp of a brand new start. Know that if you make it thru the night and can open your eyes to see 2013, you’ve just been given a pass or a “do over” if you will. It’s time to clean out your mental closet of regrets, inhibitions, “shouda coulda woulda” and every pitiful whiny-ass excuse you used in 2012.  If that means you need to get rid of some people then dump his or her mentally draining ass. It’s not that you don’t love them but at some point you need to learn and start loving yourself more. Let’s get it cracking for 2013. I figure I have another shot at getting it right this time around.

I’ve been told a million times; what you do on the first day of the year is a great indicator as to how it will flow for the remaining 364 days.  Don’t know how you feel about that but…

My plans this evening are real simple: and early church service and a date with my couch. I have a stack of movies I’ve wanted to watch. Damn the rest of that mess, it’s all about me tonight.  Loving my BIGGIRLZ single life.  Find some joy ladies and remember it starts within.

Moving on to the next with a Heineken, bowl of popcorn and the remote…See ya next YEAR!!!