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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Time 2 Clean

So BigGirlz we have officially hit the 3rd month of the year. Good ol March; Time for spring cleaning and spring release. Now if you didn’t succumb to the “Cling Ritual”, than at least half of your work is complete. For those who have no clue as to what “Fall Cling” is, in a Nutshell it’s the process of allowing someone in your life during the Fall in preparation for a winter cuddle buddy. There’s no relationship, commitment or hope of a future together. It’s a purely physical affiliation used to ward off the loneliness of a long bitter winter.  

HAHA! Anywho...on to spring cleaning and release.

Now Spring release should be seamless if you followed the rules when starting the cling process. You’ve moved past V-day and honestly your clinger should be on its way out and completely gone before the Easter Bunny drops a basket on your doorstep. Now, if the clinger is having a difficult time leaving or is stalling, then you need to stand firm, replay the startup rules and follow thru with the release. Feelings should be a non-factor. Again, stick to your rules. Reversely, if you are hesitant and/or reluctant to relinquish your duties as a clinger, prepare for fallout.

Ya see BigGirlz, you have falling into the release pit and have now exposed yourself to “clingers remorse”. Not a good look, not a good look at all!!!

So now what?

As usual my advice is to take it on head first and revisit the rules you should have outlined during the start up. It’s easy to get comfortable with “cuddles” but face it, is this really a situation you’d like to see forever?
Consider this, who is reaping the rewards of this collaboration? Now if both parties are giving equal effort and enjoying equivalent benefits, then it sound as if this cling session morphed into something more than initially constructed. BUT if you find yourself on the high end of a 60/40 or even 70/30 give and take, then shut that crap down. Grow a pair and move this exodus to closure.
BigGirlz, you’re wasting precious life moments on a dead end or useless situation. Time to clean. Clean out your clinger but most importantly, clean out your self-debilitating thoughts and actions. Don’t allow your comfort zone to become your crutch zone. Cut the cast from your habits and step into spring armed with motivation to do better and the desire to progress. De-clutter your thoughts and your actions will follow.  

I’m moving on to the next one, springing forward to a better me!!!