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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Friends don't let Friends Drunk Dial

Friends Don't Let Friends Drunk Dial!


Ha! Ha! Can I just say that "Alcohol is a Beast", that booze and boredom can be a lethal combination? BigGirlz DON'T DO IT!!!

I can recall having a "Girlfriend" discussion regarding the "Stupid Shit" we do or have done once an evening of liquor infused fun comes to a close. Most agreed that upon finally making it safely home all they wanted to do was quietly crawl in bed and plunge into the land of sleepdom, in hopes that "praying" to the porcelain god or a spinning room would not be a part of the evening's closing festivities. Others reveled in the thoughts of wreaking havoc on the lives of exes that have fallen by the wayside by sexting him or the one that didn't quite make the cut when it came time to elevating his presence to a respectable relationship status. In either case both seemed at the time to be worthy choices while blindly fumbling through a hormonal drunken stupor.

As we laughed at each others version of the perfect ending to a perfect night of partying, we all had to agree that Drunk Dialing is NEVER a good idea. Why? (You really need to ask?)

1.      As we all are aware, liquor has a tendency to "jack up our judgment". In the words of Rapper Ludacris "If I have one mo drink, I'm gon end up f*#king you"

2.      There is a tendency to shed our inhibitions as well as "precautionary" measures

3.      Is it really worth "regurgitating" yes I said “regurgitating” past feelings for him for even him for you, for a couple of hours of pleasure(OK you're drunk so you might be good for an hour or

4.      Do you really want to use your energy dodging his ass via text, Twitter and Facebook?

BigGirlz I know it will be tempting to just say screw it and do it anyway! BUT DON'T!

Now this is where all of the good girls need to stop reading...

To the rest, if you know Drunk Dialing is your typical MO then my suggestion is this...
Make your calls or send your text BEFORE you start drinking. Why? (Really? again?)

1.      You can't blame it on the Alcohol

2.      You're both "prepared" no excuses

3.      There is time to come to a clear understanding/agreement that this is just sex. (Come on now if you’re going to play grown folks games then damn it be an adult about it)

4.      Be prepared to live with whatever happens.

I'm not promoting promiscuity, but if you can plan and handle it sober there "shouldn't be any regrets the morning after. Deal with it!!

Moving on to the next one with just one glass of wine (this time)!