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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ghetto or Snob?

Has it come to this? Have I become a snob?

Some people live by a different standard. What some of us consider as “Ghetto” is just a normal way of life for others.  Maybe it’s a simple lack of exposure to different options. The Ghetto comes in (my opinion) when the individual refuses to be open to or acknowledges the possibility of viewing/doing things differently. Where am I going with this?  BigGirlz, there are occasions where we will meet a person who is not “quite” our match (or you may not be theirs but that’s a story for another day). Someone who in our eyes, may need “some work”. Dealing with this very issue recently gave reason for me to reflect on my desires/dreams and mate expectations. Can I handle dating someone who considers Texas Roadhouse to be an upscale restaurant? One who thinks a fresh clean white tee, jeans and Timberlands to be the perfect attire for a first date? (Oh it gets better) One who’s pre dinner cocktail is a double deuce taken to the head via a brown bag? 

I realize that not everyone has been blessed with the opportunities that couple with life exposure but “What The Hell”?

Yep, snobville is on the way!!!
I decided “Hell Naw” I can’t do it! I refuse to put in the work of exposing, cleaning, working on, fixing (ok shit) crude attempt at changing someone to meet my needs.  NO! Let the next chic fix him up and send him my way. Over the years I’ve done my share (probably more than my share) of “broadening” the next man’s horizon. Damn, I’m tired.  That’s my decision and I’m sticking with it. LOL!!

So BigGirlz, you have to know from the beginning what you are willing to do in order to find that happy place with the person you’ve decided to date. Who knows, things may not be as bad as they appear. He could be open to learning and growing but know you cannot force someone to change.

As for me, NOPE, I’ve thrown away my teacher’s hat.  If you are a grown ass man and you don’t own at least one tie, a nice shirt and a pair of “creasable” slacks, GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME! Realizing that owning those things don’t exempt you from being Ghetto, at least it may seem that you have a flipping clue.

Bottom line BigGirlz, know your limits. I accept me for me. Although I may need to check what kind of signals I’m sending, because damn I seem to meet some “interesting” folks. Anyway, am I perfect? Absolutely not but I’m evolving.  I love being exposed to new things. Have I ever been Ghetto, I’m sure and by someone else standards may be considered that now.

In either case I’m moving on to next one with a can of Ghetto Repellent in my hand!