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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BigGirlz, Open Up!!!


Happy New Year! Now to follow suit of every life coach, spiritual advisor, counselor and I could go on and on, welcome to 2015. Many of the previously listed experts go on to reference the New Year as "another chance", "a do over", "a blank slate", etc. However you choose to view or perceive it to be, each of you including myself should take time to reflect (not dwell) on 2014. Think about the great and the not so pleasant and figure out ways to improve upon your life, specifically your dating life.

Over the last few weeks, especially before and during the holidays I encountered a barrage of material suggesting ways to improve your chances of meeting and connecting with Mr. Right. Most articles shared pretty typical advice. Most of the focus seems to point to your being open to new challenges as well as making sure you are a "whole" person before embarking on a new relationship adventure. Now I will agree to a certain extent that it’s best to rid yourself of excess baggage, however not all baggage is bad. You see, sometimes bagging things up simply means you have figured out how to pull things together and move or properly store them. But I digressed. Anywho...

So now it’s a new year and time for a new beginning. How do you start…well make this a year of trying something different. (So what the hell does that mean?) Glad you asked LOL. Most of us, and yes I’m preaching to myself as well, are creatures of habit. We take the same route to and from work. We shop at the same stores. We go to the same clubs and participate in the same activities thus attracting the same type of people (men) DUH! I dare you to go a different route. Don’t be scared! You’d be amazed at how one little change could impact your life.

Because I can be guilty of stagnant actions and thinking, I’ve decided to shake things up a bit in my own life. Nothing wrong with trying new things right? After some thought, I’ve constructed three action items to begin my transition (baby steps).

Pay attention to what’s going on around me. You see sometimes that special person or at least the person connected to that special someone has been in your circle for years. We get so caught up in our mundane routine that our options are overlooked or even worse, become invisible.

Take a second look at the guy that’s normally NOT YOUR TYPE. (oh Lord) In my case, I’m a big girl and am most attracted to bigger guys and over look all others. Granted we’re all attracted to certain types of people and view certain features, as a "YES" but remember this isn’t a contract for marriage it’s a potential date. Besides he could be the connection point to the person you’re really supposed to meet.

Replace at least one no (sometimes a hell no) with one yes. BigGirlz, we have a tendency to say "no" out of reflex. Give the suggestion or idea some thought before responding. At least think about it. Now I’m not saying go against your gut instinct. Absolutely NO! What I am suggesting is be a bit more open to the possibility of… Whatever that of… may be.
As you can see, open is the key to change. Yes, those are my top three. What are yours? Come on BigGirlz lets change some things. When your mindset tethers on the positive, your outlook and aura follows suit.

Let’s create a 2015 thats full of adventure and lots of dating opportunities. Let’s position ourselves to receive all of the positive that’s floating out there waiting on us to recognize it’s potential. I’m ready are you?

Moving on to the next one with a yes in my spirit while taking a different route home.