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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"What have I just agreed to..."

Wow you did it; you've connected with Mr. Potential Date.  "Oh Hell!"
First and foremost, remember it's a date.  This is the time when your agent meets his agent.  Rarely do people show their true selves on a first date.  Both sides are trying to be cordial in an attempt to score cool points for the home team.  It's the nature of the beast.  My advice, just be open. Not everyone was raised by your mother so give some consideration to differences in thought and opinion.

A couple of Do's and Don'ts

Do keep the conversation and mood light.
Don't go to deep into your sorted or sad past. You don't want to run him away with your horror stories.
Don't size him up for a wedding I really need to explain why?
Do dress to fit the message you want to convey.

Now let me pause here for just a second.  If you want him to know that you plan to "freak" him before you part ways, than show whatever it is you think you need to in order to accomplish this feat but don't dress like Susie Slut but act as if your Mary Poppins. Sending mix signals is never a good idea. If your not sure of your intention then wear something that can easily be converted from "maybe" to "oh yeah" by merely popping a couple of buttons, flipping a faulty zipper or rolling the top of a waist band. (Trust me on that one).

Don't over indulge in alcohol. I understand the need for liquid courage, however you don't want to use that as an excuse for doing something you may regret.  (yeah yeah I sound like someones mother, but you know what I mean.) Moderation is the key.  Be a drunkard later. There is nothing sexy about an drunk ass woman. You may think you have it together but don't. 
I could list a million of these so I will wind it up with just one more.  
Do listen to your inner voice. If something is nudging at you or doesn't feel right, get the hell out of there. Some things just aren't worth it!!!