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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I've score a phone number, so now what?

Ok so you’ve made eye contact, flirted and scored his phone number, now what? Well let’s see, this can unfold in a couple of ways.

Let’s start with “did he ask for your number first?” If so, give him an opportunity to call you.  If he’s interested, he’ll call. Now all of you modern day “why wait, I can call him” type women, slow down. Yes I realize times have changed and it’s perfectly fashionable to make the 1st move, but if he made the initial move by asking for your number, let him make the next.  By no means should you wait idly by the phone, keep flirting and line up some additional contacts.  A call back does not guarantee a date and beside a date is not a contract for marriage, it’s a damn date.
Now if you asked for his number, first of all I’m proud of you big girl for stepping out there, don’t chicken out now. You have his number, now put on your big girl panties and call him.  If he doesn’t answer, leave a message! Don’t just hang up.  Personal peeve, it annoys the shit out of me when folks call 3 or 4 times but never leave a message. If it’s that damn pressing for you to call a zillion times than leave a flipping message. Ok, I’ll step down from my soapbox now. Any way, if you have not heard from him by the end of the day, try again tomorrow.  In the meantime keep flirting.  Practice develops comfort.  After the 2nd call and 2nd message, toss the number. Yep I said it. Delete it from your phone! Apparently he’s either changed his mind or something/someone more to his liking has come along.  You’ve left 2 messages, that is enough.  He knows you’re still interested and he knows how to contact you. This is not the time to turn into “Stacy Stalker” or “Desperate Dana”, move on. Don’t take it personal or even to heart. You didn’t even know this person so don’t obsess let it go.