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Friday, September 9, 2011

For all you phat haters, this is not for you; but if you enjoy voluptuous hips, thickness and saucy curves, keep reading.  I'm a big girl, have been all my life so when I hear thick women complain (thin chicks you're on your own) about not being able to date or not getting any attention from the opposite sex I have to wonder "what's really going on with you". There are a plethora of men out there who love us. Sure you have your assholes who always have smart shit to say, but those are the same insecure losers who will say or do anything to mask their own inadequacies.
Lets talk about my experiences.
I've just gotten out of a three and a half year relationship. It was good while it lasted but as many couples experience we grew apart. That's a topic for another day. My point even while in my relationship, men made advances.  I can honestly say while involved I never took them up on the offers, but appreciated the attention.  Now being single, I'm happy to say the attention still exist. So what is it? I believe it is a confidence.  I have a great love for myself not arrogant, just have accepted who I am and the skin I'm in.  I believe that makes the difference. Do I expect to turn the head of every  man who's path I cross, nope. Hell I don't want every man I see either. You like what you like.  I know I do.   
So how do you meet that potential date?
  • Smile, look him in the eye and say "Hello". Simplistic huh? Eye contact is a very powerful weapon and extremely difficult for so many people. 
  • Compliment, without getting too racy. Be sincere with it. Don't tell him he has a great smile and he has missing teeth. 
  • Go where the men are.  I love sports. True NFL fan. I go out to watch sports. Try it. Take some girl friends with you. You may even learn something
So don't let your size hold you back, get your flirt on. Only two things can happen the person will either like it or not.  If they like it, hey see where it goes and if they don't, on to the next one.  Hell, he was probably too thin anyway.  :-)